Posted by: charlestontelles | September 11, 2012

Helping INB346 students with the Airports and Social Media case study [Extra blog]

This blog post aims to help INB346 students with the Airport and Social Media case study.

Honestly, my first impression is there are lots of information available, a simple google search by ” airport and social media” will show you that (google search).

However, I do agree that filtering good articles takes time. Therefore, my contribution will providing a pre-filtered source of good information (from my personal view).

So keep this post in our favourites because I will be updating the links below according to my readings. The most relevant links will be listed first. Enjoy!

1) (this company is making money in E2.0 space helping airports to understand the concept behind the scene)

1.1) (all your work from one source)

2) (good blog made by airport markting employees)

3) (another good blog)

4) (get connected with people in that space via a linkedin community)


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