Posted by: charlestontelles | August 3, 2012

Why blogging and how to obtain readership

I’ve been working in the IT market since 1998 when I finished my Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. Since then I have been working as Software Developer for small consulting companies and big consulting companies like IBM and Accenture (progressing from Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Specialist). I know I still have millions of things to learn and improve, but I can certainly say that I saw (or should I say I am still seeing) a clear paradigm shift related to knowledge management inside the companies I have worked. The old fashioned approach of using Intranets or Knowledge Database to share information has been replaced by wikis and blogs. Technical forums still survive, but they have been replaced more and more by technical blogs, because the most active forum member realized they can conquer followers rather than being a simple active forum member (I will explore that topic Forums x Blogs in other post).

Therefore, the main purpose of this blog will be to share my real life experience while transitioning between paradigms and living now what is called Enterprise 2.0, which in a nutshell is the use of web 2.0 tools such as wikis, blogs, tagging tools, etc, in a corporate (enterprise) environment.

Also, I am currently enrolled in a QUT unit called Enterprise 2.0, so the second purpose of that blog will be establishing a network with my QUT colleagues and sharing my thoughts about the concepts explored in the unit.

I believe that telling stories (successful stories and bad stories) that happened in my IT career related to knowledge management will keep the posts always interesting. Also that would be very good to obtain feedback from my colleagues about similar situations and how they deal with that.

As I am starting the blog now, I need you guys to divulgate my blog to your friends if you think the stories are interesting. Also I am going to divulgate the blog to my QUT colleagues.

To finalize I would like to mention an excellent technical blog about SOA and Oracle SOA Suite, the best technical blog in that field in my opinion

The writer is one of the most active Oracle forum members (classified as ACE category by Oracle). Actually part of the Oracle strategy is getting active forum member to write technical blogs, see the Oracle SOA blog

And to give you a suggestion about an excellent blog about Enterprise 2.0, I suggest I like that blog because the writer explores the basic concepts behind Enterprise 2.0 using real experiences samples.



  1. Hi Charles, I agree that sharing real life stories add relevance to the blog and also better engage the reader. There is a wealth of experience out there that we can all tap into. I will be doing the same in my blog too

  2. Hey Charles, I like your post. I am also studying enterprise 2.0. I had a look at that industry blog you posted. I take it you are a programmer of sorts?

  3. Hi Charles , I do agree with you in the fact that Intranet and Knowedge sharing databases are fading out.However, i would like to know from your past experience What was Bussness Managers (Top-mamagemet) position in the Paradigm shifting that you expeience?



    • Hi Abdul.
      That’s a good question. I would say from the corporate board perspective (top management) that’s always difficult to accept that a new Internet wave like web 2.0 can impact the way that the organization does the knowledge management. In general they avoid to be early adopters, and they try to minimize the risk instead. What I have seen inside organizations is some small teams starting with entreprise 2.0 tools like wikis and then smothly other teams start to follow the same pattern. Usually, that occours naturally and that’s not imposed by the top management.

  4. Hi, it is an interesting blog, the most interesting thing that I found is the first link that you mention about SOA, it is amazing I am studying a Master Program of Business Process Management and this is an exciting topic, it is really good.

    I also think that as you said “share my real life experience”, it will be very useful for everybody taking into account that you have wide experience y technology.

    • Hi Danny.
      I am glad to see other BPM enthusiast sharing ideas. Although I am going to focus my post in the Enterprise 2.0 field, my story telling style will eventually mention BPM situations.

  5. Hi Charles, I’ve just read your blog and I like it. I would love to read more about your past experiences about the social medias as it’ll help me learn a lot more about social medias in practical. In my opinion the technical blog and the technical forum can goes well together as you could always find more reader by posting link to your blog post that answered people questions.


    Prapat W.

  6. Hey Charles,
    That’s an interesting paradigm shift to do with knowledge management you see within companies. I quite liked your post, also your ideology on telling stories (bad or good) as it is a great way to engage readers by surprising them with your own personal experience.

    Keep it up,

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